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Winter Care for our Pets Sand Springs Small Animal Hospital

Winter Care for our Pets

Sand Springs Small Animal Hospital


The colder temperatures are officially setting in, especially
during the night hours. Our pets do not need to be left outside for
long hours during the day and we need to be sure we are taking
the proper precautions for our animals, not only at night, but all
throughout the day. We love our four-legged pets and their lives
are at-risk if we are not intentional with their care during the winter.
Here are some helpful tips to keep our animals safe and healthy
during the cold months of the year.

Keep Pets Inside

As the temperatures continue to drop in the fall and winter
months, we should take this into consideration for our animals.

Short-haired animals do not have enough hair to keep them warm
enough, so they should not be left outside all through the day, and
definitely not over night. Our pets with longer hair and thicker coats
are able to bear the temperatures a little more, but still be aware
of the time they are spending outside. Letting your animals out to
use the bathroom, or taking them on a short walk are a couple of
mindful ways to give your pets the exercise they need, but also
keeping them from being out in the cold temperatures for too
long. With freezing temperatures and wind chill, animals lives are
at risk. By simply keeping them indoors as often as possible, we are
protecting our animals.

Bundle Up, Wipe Off

In order to keep our household pets warm while being outside,
we should be bundling them up when they go on a walk, when
they are let outside to play, or even if they are going out to use
the restroom. Another thing to be aware of when taking pets on
a walk in the winter months is the rock salt, or snow melt that is

in neighborhood roads and driveways.This can irritate your animals

paws, so to prevent your animals from ingesting those chemicals, or
their paws becoming irritated, wipe their paws off right after their

Outdoor Animals

It is important to be aware of the animals that are living
outdoors during the winter months. Stray cats, neighborhood cats,
or other small wildlife will typically crawl in the hoods of cars to keep
warm. It is always smart to bang on the hood of your car to scare
off any cat, or animal that could have crawled up in the engine.

Speak Out

Wintertime neglect is often a concern and should be addressed.
If an animal is being neglected, or not being properly taken care of
during this cold season, approach the owner of that animal with
your concerns. If you continue to see neglect take place, call your
local animal control or county sheriff’s office to communicate your
concerns. Pets are deserving of proper care throughout the cold
season and your role in that is so important.

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