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Then and Now: Hall of Fame for the SSEF

Then and Now: Hall of Fame for the SSEF

In 1988, the Montie Box Company celebrated its 30th year in business and held a birthday party of sorts where the “gifts” from attendees were to be something to give back in support of the Sand Springs schools. From a humble idea the Sand Springs Education Foundation was born into what now raises over $65,000 in grants every year to assist our teachers in their grand ideas to educate the next generation in the best way possible.


The SSEF’s mission is to be a private partner to the Sand Springs Public Schools, and help to support creative and innovative projects that cannot be funded by local, state or federal means.


Sand Springs has a myriad of community members who have come and gone to do great things. The Sand Springs Hall of Fame accepts 2 – 3 nominees every year for their outstanding citizenship and involvement with Sand Springs. Each member then serves three years assisting in the development, duties and responsibilities of the Sand Springs Education Foundation Board. In 2021 the Sand Springs Hall of Fame made a move from the Ed Dubie Fieldhouse to Bright Morning Farms.


This year alone the SSEF has given out 60 grants, in the time that the SSEF has operated it has raised and given over 1 million dollars in grants. And their Hall of Fame has grown to an outstanding 71 inductees since 1990.


Raising this kind of money is no easy feat – but with generous donors, an annual golf tournament and Hall of Fame induction dinner the board strives to make it all happen. Over the years grants have been awarded to music programs who need to purchase instruments, smart board installs into classrooms and help exercise programs get off the ground.


Any and all teachers within the Sand Springs Public Schools district can apply for grants. During the fall semester, the SSEF board gathers to go over each grant application meticulously, and then delivers the grants during the week of Thanksgiving.


If you or someone you know would like to apply for a grant, or donate to the SSEF, please visit the Sand Springs Education Foundation website.



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