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Happy Little Reindeer Games!

Happy Little Reindeer Games! 

We wanted to do something fun for the holidays in this magazine but couldn’t quite put our finger on what to do. In a planning meeting with our parent company Myers Marketing Management the idea came up to develop a game that Sandites of all ages would enjoy and be able to participate in and boy were there some wild ideas flying around. Ultimately, we knew that WHATEVER we landed on it had to be in the true nature of Sand Springs, friendly and genuine. insert, Reindeer Games!

This Reindeer was created to be the Sandite Sidekick for all seasonal festivities. Dinners, hikes, shopping, landscaping, cooking, decorating, coffee dates, game nights, fishing, and anything else that makes your heart sing this season Sandites. Whether you cut him out and carry him along or you customize how he will travel with you, he is yours to make memories with. We do want to see what you and Mr. Reindeer have been up to so we do ask that you tag us (We Are Sand Springs) in your photos on Facebook or Instagram.

We would like to give a big shoutout to Myers Marketing Management for helping bring Reindeer Games to life. Myers Marketing Management is dedicated to Sand Springs and is the official sponsor for the Reindeer Games this edition of the magazine. “We love Sand Springs and all of the adventures that can be found in our sweet little community! There is no place like it and we are excited to see what everyone will do with Reindeer Games this holiday season.”,

Danielle Myers- CEO of Myers Marketing Management

Myers Marketing Management (MMM) is a full service marketing firm that began right here in Sand Springs. The team at MMM now serves businesses throughout the state of Oklahoma. They specialize in partnering with organizations that are focused on growth. This partnership focuses on the development and execution of strategies designed to accomplish defined goals. To learn more about the service offered by Myers Marketing Management visit them online at

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