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Shop Local in Sand Springs


Hey Sand Springs, it’s that time of year again, you know what we mean. No… it’s not the Pumpkin Spice Latte, or the Peppermint Mocha… well, it could be. It’s Shop Small Business Saturday!


Every year we are reminded that small businesses need our support. But in Sand Springs, we know this year round. We know you don’t need more reasons to shop local in all areas of Sand Springs, Prattville, and beyond, but just we couldn’t resist:



  1. Local Economic Stimulus: When more dollars are spent at locally owned businesses more of the dollars are kept locally. Small business owners usually buy from locally owned businesses as well, keeping money flowing through the community rather than being sent away from it.
  2. Local Business Owners Invest in the Community: Local businesses are, naturally, owned by people that live in the community. People that live in the community and are not likely to uproot themselves and their businesses are invested in the long term success of the community.
  3. You Matter More: Everytime you purchase anything you are placing your influence into the community. Your influence says, I choose you. When you choose not to purchase something, you are putting your influence somewhere else; you are basically voting with your wallet. Your purchase holds a greater weight with small businesses. Supporting small businesses allows for them to continue giving the amazing customer service small businesses are known for.

Vote with your wallet during this time of year, and throughout all year long. Vote for your next door neighbors, vote for the parents of your kids friend at school, vote for Sand Springs.


To aid in your shopping local, this year will be hosting a place where all local business owners can share their specials, deals, offers, discounts, or anything else they want to share with the community for Small Business Saturday! Head over to  and see all the listings!


PSST… to all local business owners, to make this work, we need to know your specials, deals, offers, discounts, and offerings this season! Head over to and fill out the form on the page to get your FREE listing! Let’s make it the easiest season for Sand Springs to support all the locally owned businesses that make Sand Springs GREAT!

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