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The Magic of a Good Book In Celebration of March: National Literacy Month


When was the last time you had a chance to sit down in your living room chair, snuggle up with a soft blanket, and open the pages of a recommended book. Only to find yourself there a couple of hours later hands quickly turning through the pages – your eyes can’t read fast enough – your mind can’t soak up the story quick enough, it’s just. that. good. I think we can all admit that although we have had more time at home than ever, we still find ourselves too busy to include reading into our routine lives. With the changing of the calendar into March this month brings us National Reading Month. 31 days of encouragement to block out a time slot on your calendar to open a good book and fill your mind with inspiration, imagination, intellect.


Of course when we are speaking about books, we should take a moment to place the spotlight on a national reading institution, libraries. In fact we are lucky enough to have two right here in Sand Springs. The first free modern public library was opened in 1883 in Peterborough, New Hampshire. This was the first institution funded by a local government with the one purpose of creating a free library open to all. The Charles Page Library and Pratt Library are filled top to bottom with reading, learning and engaging opportunities for any age and anyone in the Sandite community.


Charles Page Library is an exciting mix of old-fashioned laid-back customer service and exciting technology. With the computers and laptops for in-library use, a meeting room that can hold up to 70, and artwork from local artist Lisa Reagan the Charles Page Library is a hub for all things reading, literacy, and learning. They even host local events like Take Your Child to the Library Day, and provide ample reading suggestions through their Facebook page.


The Pratt library was established in 1963 named after developer Harry Pratt. The community continues to grow and prosper while preserving the family friendly atmosphere. The library does have computers and a meeting room for community use.


Reflecting on national reading month could bring about a couple of questions and perhaps some healthy conversation at work or the dinner table.


What do I want to read?


Why do you think it’s important to read?


What was the last book I read?


What was the very first book I read?


For some of us the very first book we read was one written by none other than Dr. Seuss himself. This March Dr. Seuss would have been 118 years old. Those tongue twister paragraphs have been spoken on the lips of generations for bedtime stories, classroom reading sessions, and used as a learning tool to teach kids how to read! What an amazing legacy to leave behind!


We hope that national reading month encourages you to dive deep into the many mystifying worlds of dragons, princesses, romances, cultures and so much more. You can find many new books by visiting the Charles Paige Library or Pratt Library with your whole family! You can sign up for a library card easily in person at both locations and check out books that your whole family will enjoy!


Happy reading Sandites!

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