Letter from the Editor Dani Myers

Most of us look forward to spring. I know for me the bright natural colors, warm weather, and longer days are signs that the winter months are over. But, sometimes things don’t go according to plan when dealing with Mother Nature or really life in general.

As we know springtime in Oklahoma is filled with many ups and downs. Often we will see one warm day followed by three or four cold ones! Add in Oklahoma storms and allergies.. It is safe to say that the constant change can definitely affect our mood and plans. At some point in the spring we will have plans to enjoy the outdoors but the forecast will stop us in our tracks.

Here is a little reminder.

What is important during these times of unpredictable temperatures and sometimes health is intentionally staying positive and present.

After all, change is inevitable. We can ALWAYS count on things (most definitely the weather in Oklahoma) to change. How we approach our circumstances is the most important thing to think about when change and/or uncertainty occurs. Sometimes it is easy to miss the beauty in daily life when we get too busy trying to control our circumstances and not being present because of it.

I would like to invite you to join me in this mindset and smile! Enjoy what you can, but remember that no matter how springtime plays out, the summer will be here before you know it. And it too will arrive with a choice… to be joyous or inauspicious.

– Dani Myers

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