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A Twist on 2022 New Years Resolutions

You are GIFTED and can accomplish GREAT things! 

Every year as we prepare what we would like to say about goals, resolutions and the NEW YEAR there is always the heaviness of how to talk about resolutions when SO MANY of us have mixed feelings about the idea of the New Year’s Day “switch flip” into our resolutions. This year our team asked me if I would write about this “resolution” topic to share some tools that we use throughout the year in our business and how they can be used in our personal lives as well.


At our parent company, Myers Marketing Management (MMM), we run on what is referred to as EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). EOS helps to focus and sustain businesses in a proven system that can be found in the book Traction by Gino Wickman. There are many amazing tools that are within this business guide but there isn’t enough room here to discuss them all. I recommend the book to anyone more intrigued.


We’re going to discuss one tool that we use within our team at MMM and it is the same tool that  many other businesses and professionals have used well before I ever thought about being in business. I’m here to share these tools with you, tell you about some of our successes, and touch on the psychology behind why they work. I hope that the tools we provide here will help you as you consider your goals this year. As I say to the team at MMM, the goal is to have consumable goals, consumable information, so that it doesn’t consume you.


So let’s just jump right in


We don’t set goals to torture ourselves, although sometimes it does feel that way. We set our goals based on how we think our lives should be and more honestly.. all the things that we are doing wrong. We set goals that reflect our weaknesses and almost put them on display.Indeed goals are meant to strengthen our character but some food for that, what damage occurs when we do just that and put our weakness on display as our goal setting strategy? From what I have seen over the years of setting my own goals and helping others set theirs is that when the weakness is the focus, excitement is lost, energy is depleted and confidence is lacking. What I have seen work for myself and others in this process is acknowledging YOUR God given strengths and using them throughout this entire exercise.


Let’s think BIG PICTURE


We can see how we want the future to be. By the way, that in and of itself is a God given gift that has been given to people of all ages! EVERYONE! But when it comes to creating that future and putting those envisioned details into action, we tend to fall short of giving ourselves grace. Although the reality is that there simply wasn’t enough preparation put in ahead of time to accomplish these goals. Let me explain it like this, say it has taken you 35 years (or whatever your age is) to get to where you are now and create the habits that you have now. Perhaps you haven’t always had these habits throughout all of those years but nonetheless it still has taken those years to get you here. The idea that we will flip a switch in our mind and magically be living the life that we truly at our core and want to be living in one day or one week or even as some psychologists said years ago 60 days to make a habit, 60 days to break a habit.. it’s just not realistic.


So let’s look at some big goals


Breakdown that vision of your future at the end of 2022 down into 1-4 smaller goals. Remember, consumable goals. Goals that will set you up to accomplish those BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals). Every year I consider my one year goals “housekeeping” aka the things I need to clean up in my life/business to get to where I am trying to go. Okay now.. go ahead write it down, go on.. we even made a nice template for you 😉

Next what we’re going to do is break those goals down into steps (we refer to these as Rocks using EOS but without the book as your reference let’s call them “steps”). Starting at the first goal, what are the four steps that you need to accomplish in order to make this (and only this goal) happen. These steps need to be in order. They need to be in order so that you aren’t needing to do them at the same time. Now do this exercise of identifying four steps for all of your goals remembering that these need to be steps and not leaps.

By the end of this exercise you should have written out where you want to be at the end of the year in 1-4 identified goals and then broken those goals down into four liniar steps to reach those goals. REMINDER time, this is all to get to those characteristic or lifestyle changes that you see for yourself in the future.


HOW to USE this tool


We start with the first set of steps towards your main goals and only focus on those only! Focus on those steps you have identified until March 31st. To complete these steps work them into your habit… that could mean ripping this page out and taping it to a mirror or saving it to your phone. Make these steps part of who you are all the while remembering your why behind doing these things. REMEMBER, these steps are not to torture you or to make you feel less than but to better reflect who you are at your core. And, THAT is why you’re working on them.


I was once told that sometimes you have to “act as if;” act as if you are the person that you see yourself becoming. The fact is, we all have things that we’re wanting to work on, (slower for those in the back) we all have things that we’re wanting to work on – ALL OF US. Walk in confidence with our gift and you can become that person that’s in your mind. And when you fall short give yourself grace and then stand right back up and “act as if”.


The next step is fairly clear. Work through your steps. 

Focus on your sets of steps in this order: 2nd set 4/1- 6/30, 3rd set 7/1- 9/30, 4th set 10/1- 12/31. Plan something special for yourself because you’re going to be celebrating all of your accomplishments at the end of this year if you stay focused. I Believe in you, now get to work!


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