A Letter From the Editor: January 2022

10 years of printing We Are Sand Springs has taught me so much. Many of my favorite memories occurred because of the community that surrounds this publication. Years ago when my family so graciously supported me as I set out to connect the residents of the Sand Springs area with the philanthropic, business and municipal communities of our town I dreamt of making an impact. My vision was clear and my sights were set on just four things (and remain set).

1. I wanted more than anything to play a role in the growth of this community.
Some of the metrics that are used to know whether our community is seeing
healthy growth are our tax dollars, rooftops and local business and charity
support. Now, did the We Are Sand Springs Magazine play any sort of vital role in the outstanding growth that we have seen over the past 10 years? Mostlikely, nothing to note BUT boy have we had a seat at a really exciting, passionate and dedicated table of professionals dreaming of and working toward those same things for our community!!! And it has been a privilege and a pleasure to serve in our community.

2. Educate: At the base of it all.. We want to be a resource for our community.
You see this in many ways throughout our publication.

3. Paint the real picture of our lovely town. I try my best, as I hope is reflected
in my letters each edition, to live in a place of humble honesty… HONESTY being the key word. Over the past ten years I have been committed to showing our community for what it IS and not what might pop into the news or posted on Facebook by one critic. I wanted to intently show Sand Springs for our heart and the beauty of our landscape. I wholeheartedly hope you feel that when you see a WASS Magazine.

4. Last, but definitely not least, I wanted to reach people. Sometimes we feel alone or that we are the “ONLY ONE” facing the struggles that we are facing. Even though, cognitively, we know better we still can get stuck in that mindset. And I will tell you that your letters, emails, catching me in Reasors and phone calls to tell me your stories have meant SO much to me. Connecting with you all has been a JOY in my life and IF I have made an impact in just one person’s life through all of the work creating this magazine I can EASILY say that this labor of love has been fruitful. Getting a little sappy here but it is truly how I feel y’all! I love you ALL. We have gathered some covers to reminisce on the past 10 years but just know… WE ARE SANDITES! And we aren’t done yet!


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