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Where are They Now? Celia Jane Thompson

The Sand Springs Education Foundation began in 1989 with the desire to help the Sand Springs Schools with grants, fundraising, and encouraging community involvement. Their mission statement is:


“The primary purpose of the Sand Springs Education Foundation is to serve as a private partner of the Sand Springs Public Schools, providing grants to support programs and teaching projects for which funds are not available from federal, state and local sources.”


An initial member of the Sand Springs Education Foundation is retired CPA, Celia Jane Thompson. Thompson grew up in a little town called Fredrick, Oklahoma and moved to Sand Springs with her husband after their graduation from Oklahoma State University in 1974. Thompson began working for a local CPA firm and the couple fell in love with the quaint town of Sand Springs. They built a home later that year to start a journey in a town they just happened upon – and little did they know it would be an adventure of a lifetime.


After many years of working for the local CPA firm, in 1980 Thompson began her own CPA business here in Sand Springs. “We bought the old Leeks Jewelry building and remodeled it.” said Thompson. Throughout the years of running her business the Thompson had two children and they knew that Sand Springs was the right place to raise their family. “The school system was amazing,” said Thompson. Not only did she have children, but she was heavily involved in the community. She served alongside many friends at the public schools and in community service centers and most notably, was one of the founding members of the Sand Springs Education Foundation. “Montie Box asked me to be on the initial board,” said Thompson. Thompson served as the president for one year, as the chair of the grants committee for 17 years, and has been the treasurer since July 1989. She enjoys her position on the board and when she has had to step back from the board, she still serves as treasurer, ensuring that everything goes right. “I really enjoyed that,” said Thompson.


Thompson said she fell in love with Sand Springs because of the people, the ”friendliness, the people are just great! We knew we wanted to stay here because of the school system.” Now that she has retired from her full time CPA position, she still enjoys getting back in the books around tax season. “I love doing tax work,” said Thompson, “if I could do that without working 80-90 hours a week, I would probably keep working.” She also enjoys sewing and quilting; in fact, she loves to go on quilt cruises! Thompson also enjoys traveling with her family and friends to see new places.


Thompson shared that for those moving into town it’s important to get involved in the community. There are lots of opportunities to serve, and that puts you directly in the middle of the heart of the community. “Join a church and get involved with local stuff like the Salvation Army Board… or the Sand Springs Community Services,” said Thompson. “I think that will help getting involved in a community.” She also recommends getting your kids involved with athletics or the art programs in the community. Thompson loves Sand Springs with all her heart and says that, “it’s just the best community to live in and it’s the best kept secret around!”

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