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School & Community Partnership Program

The School & Community Partnership Program includes guest speaking, industry tours, career fairs, internships, etc for local senior high school students.

When did the program start?

The program began 5 years ago. The first event was a Business Forum that was well attended by many of the Business leaders in the Sand Springs area. The business community was asked to partner with the program to provide opportunities to the Charles Page High School students. As the program expands the goal is to make connections with business partners.

Why was it started?

Charles Page High School tries to get students to think about life after high school. The goal is for students to be immediately successful when they leave CPHS. Some students choose to go to college, a technical school or directly into the workforce.

The internship program gives senior students an in depth, real life experience into the career of their choosing. The students can earn school credit while also earning a paycheck!

Success of the program.

“One student worked as an intern for LDKerns Construction and helped build the new 9th-grade center. He would go to school in the morning and after lunch, he would go to work. Another student interned with KKT Architects and helped design the new 9th-grade center. He sat in on all of the design meetings. He currently attends the University of Arkansas and is in their engineering program. ” – Ryan Bivin

How can you help?

Parents can help by talking with their students about their career interests and making sure they are taking steps toward their goals. Community members can help by continuing to partner with CPHS to provide opportunities for the youth in our community. If you are interested please contact Ryan Bivin – [email protected] – Ryan Bivin


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