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Sandite Site teachers 2022-23 School Year

Teachers, no matter where they are located, are the bread and butter of our community. A few words we have heard to describe our local teaching community are: Kind, Supportive, Brave, Courageous, Mentor, and Committed. We love our teachers with a passion and appreciate their tenacity as they brave the school room every day to teach our students life lessons, arithmetic, culture, and community. In early November Sand Springs Public Schools announced the Sandite Site Teachers of the 2022-23 year. We couldn’t pass up another opportunity to showcase our Sandite teachers for all their hard work!

Madison Orme: Early Childhood Education Center Reanna Barr: Angus Valley Emelentary Stephanie Sivadon: Limestone Technology Academy Melissa Nelson: Pratt Elementary Amber Alexander: Garfield Stem Academy Taylor Greppando: Northwoods Fine Arts Academy Kay Jackson: Sixth Grade Center Katy Edmonson: Clyde Boyde Middle School Kaitlyn Knowlton: Charles Page Freshman Academy Jessica Sprague: Charles Page High School Caysie Yearmen: Sand Springs Virtual Academy Neely Horn: Tulsa Boys Home

I love teaching because

I have the opportunity to inspire and to build confidence. Seeing my students step out of their comfort zones to try to grasp something that seems unattainable is an honor to be a part of. Inspiring them to keep trying and opening their minds to new ideas, is why I love teaching!

My passion for teaching started well before I even knew what teaching was. I feel I was born with a teaching gene! Though I tried to ignore this deeply rooted teaching spirit, it always came out in various ways. I am the oldest of three; as the oldest I naturally taught them what I learned. I was a talented athlete who always took the time to help my teammates. I was lead to teach Sunday school, my job during college was teaching others about different products, and as a mom, teaching comes at every turn! Teaching is my passion and educating is who I am!”

By Reanna Barr

Angus Valley Elementary

“As a 3rd generation educator, I always knew I wanted to go into education. I found my home in SSPS at the ECEC. I love working with littles and getting to be one of their first experiences with the school. They make every day fun and exciting!”

Photo & Quote Madison Orme

Early Childhood Education Center


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