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A Letter from Karen Keith

Spring and summer tend to be very busy times throughout Tulsa County, and this year is no exception. Especially in Sand Springs, where the County has many projects coming to fruition that will make huge impacts.


Early this summer we will finish major improvements to the lower level at Chandler Park. I am so excited to roll these changes out to the public and can’t wait to throw a big party so everyone can come out and see what a phenomenal, fun and inviting place Chandler is becoming. What’s more, I hope we all get to see our beloved Chandler Park in some shots in the film “Killers of the Flower Moon” when  it’s released later this year as crews visited and filmed in the park last summer.


Another major project I have to highlight is the completion of the Gilcrease Expressway, completion of which is imminent. Crews have done a fantastic job on this major effort, constructing 22 bridges and 5 miles of four-lane roadway. Even better, it’s going to be done on time (and maybe a little early if the weather cooperates)! I want to extend my deepest thanks to the Sand Springs Chamber for their relentless work through the OneVoice campaign to get this project done. Without your advocacy this project wouldn’t be so close to the finish line.


And one more project update. It’s a biggie and the one that I am proudest of—we will break ground on the new levee system in early 2023! This past January, we received word that the federal government had fully funded the project. As you no doubt recall, it’s taken years of effort from Senators Inhofe and Lankford, other members of our federal delegation, Todd Kilpatrick our Levee Commissioner, the Corps, and the Tulsa Regional Chamber for their years of inclusion on the ONEVOICE federal agenda.  Currently, the levee rebuild is in the pre-engineering and design phase that lays out the scope of work getting the project ready for groundbreaking.


Now, on to some other topics like the hot events of the season in Sand Springs! One of my very favorite is the Herbal Affair & Festival. This year’s was no exception. I loaded up like I do every year and enjoyed walking and talking to everyone out there. If you haven’t gone, mark your calendar for next year. You won’t regret it!


As spring continues to move along and we get into summer, I am looking forward to numerous fresh and scrumptious meals at my favorite Sand Springs restaurant, Little Venice. I am also very likely to get myself into trouble shopping at Okie Spice. I just can’t help myself!


To walk off all those calories, head west to the Ancient Forest and enjoy the trails and gorgeous new facilities.


Lastly, I’d like to give my heartfelt thanks to the city leadership in Sand Springs. Throughout all my years as District 2 Commissioner, you have been consistently a great partner with the County when it comes to projects and improvements of any size.


– Karen Keith

Tulsa County Commissioner, District 2



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