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How to be a Sandite on $74.63 with Coach Bobby Klinck

We Are Sand Springs Magazine is all about experiencing life through the eyes of a Sandite. Who better show us than Football Coach Bobby Klinck. In true Sand Springs fashion, we sent Coach Klinck out with $74.63 and told him to live the life of a Sandite to the fullest.  He was then told to report back with how awesome his day was.

Coach Bobby Klinck WASS 74063

To set a productive tone for the weekend (and hopefully the season), Coach Klinck started off by watching practice film from the day prior. To be able to keep his eyes peeled on the players, he needed the right environment and a dose of caffeine. He headed over to Boulder and ordered his caffeine fix in its truest form, black coffee. 

Coach Bobby Klinck Sand Springs 74063

After caffeine comes sustenance. Stopping in at Crescent Cafe, he ordered a Supreme Omelet with biscuits and gravy… and more coffee. This cafe of choice holds sentimental value for Coach Klinck. He states, “My parents used to meet for lunch here when my mother worked nearby.”

Next up on the agenda is some rewinding. He went out to The Canyons at Black Jack Ridge. Needing to look the part,  he got himself a new golf hat and rewound it by hitting a bucket of balls, stating, “This is one of the coolest golf courses you can play in the area.” 

Coach Bobby Klinck WASS 74063

Closing out the day involved a honey-do. Tasked by his wife, he made a stop at Signs and Stitches to get his 3.5-year-old Keller and 1.5-year-old Kasen shirts for the season. He thoroughly enjoyed using his creativity skills by picking out the designs. 

$4.83 Coffee..Black!

$14.11 Sustenance and more caffeine provided by Crescent Cafe

$22.17 Hat and development of golf skills at The Canyons at Blackjack Ridge

$45.11 Customized T-Shirts for kiddos from Signs and Stitches

As you can clearly see, Coach Bobby Klinck just couldn’t hold himself back from all that Sand
Springs has to offer, and he spent $11.59 over (that’s okay, Klinck we have a hard time choosing too!)

We are so thankful for Coach Klinck and his participation in 74063. What would you do with $74.63 to benefit our wonderful town of Sand Springs? If you have an idea, let us know, and you could be our next guest as we learn to become tourists in our hometown!

Send us your ideas at [email protected]


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