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What Does it Mean to be a Sandite

Being a Sandite is something that adults and children from Sand Springs say proudly. Proclaiming the greatness that comes from Sand Springs. But have you ever thought about what being a Sandite means? Do you know what a Sandite is? We think that to have Sandite Pride, one must be able to identify what that pride is.

The word Sandite is actually a substance that is used on railroads to help with leaves that are on the tracks. When wet leaves fall on the track it causes a loss of friction between the track and train wheels. Sandite helps with this problem and the substance is made up of sand, antifreeze, and steel shot.

Now… that is the technical term of sandite, but we think it is so much more.

Sandite Sand Springs

The people of Sand Springs are who make up the term Sandite. The history itself can be fun and interesting to learn and hear about, but ultimately it comes down to the people in our town.

Charles E. Page, town founder, helped mark the idea of what Sandites are made of and why they are the way they are. He brought with him resilience, hard work, and a kind heart when he arrived in Sand Springs. This paved the way for how the town of Sand Springs would continue their legacy.

We asked the people of Sand Springs what being a Sandite means to you. The words that were used to describe what being a Sandite meant to this town were words like loyalty and possibilities, and we could not agree more.

Being a Sandite does not mean that we simply put a mascot on our shirt and cheer on our school teams. While that is a good thing, being a Sandite means more. It means that we support each other in times of need. It means that we provide help to our neighbors. It means that we bring resilience, toughness, and hospitality to everything we do. It means that a Sandite is who we are not what we are, and we are proud of it.

What does being a Sandite mean to you? We’re asking Sand Springs to submit their answers below to be featured in the upcoming issues of We Are Sand Springs.


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