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Summer Fun: 5 kids activities to keep kids active during summer vacation

Summer Fun:

5 kids activities to keep kids active during summer vacation



Paint by nature:

Let the kiddos explore the outdoors and find their own paint brush! They will be amazed at the different types of patterns they can create when they use grass, leaves, rocks, and more to create art! This is one of the simple kids activities because all you need is paint, paper, and a backyard adventure!


Painting with Toys: 

Slinky’s aren’t just good for going down the stairs! Lather some paint on and see how they make amazing shapes and patterns. Grab the plastic farm animal set and pretend you’re on an adventure trying to identify the shape of the (painted) footprints!  The best thing about it? Once your kiddos are finished and all messy, the toys can be dumped in the tub for more play and a good scrub!

Music for the Mind: 

While we all love a good TV episode, try swapping out TV with a music session! Grab a maraca, a bell, or some ribbon and break out into dance. This will help your kiddos keep moving and burn some energy, but also help them to learn fine motor skills, creative, and emotional expression. You can also use these kids activities with music as a fun way to listen for patterns and improve critical thinking skills!

Sock Puppet Showdown:

Do you keep an old basket of mis-matched socks in your laundry room? It’s time to put them to use! Have each child choose a sock and create an incredible puppet! Break out the glue, googly eyes, markers, yarn, and more and create a fun personality for their sockpuppet. Take it a step further and have the kids create a storyline for a show! While you prepare lunch they can create a theater experience to perform that afternoon.

Summer Movement Challenge:

Movement is huge when it comes to the health and wellness of our bodies. For adults and kids alike, moving is important for physical and mental health. This summer, incorporate the whole family with a summer movement challenge! Grab a poster board and come up with a few daily or weekly goals as a family such as 30 minutes of outdoor time, 15 jumping jacks, 10 push-ups, or a walk around the neighborhood! This will encourage active participation throughout the summer and keep your kids motivated and moving.

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