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Sand Springs School Program Highlight Lego Brick Buddies Club


Sand Springs Public Schools has an amazing amount of after-school programs available for Sandites. In this magazine issue were diving into the Lego Brick Buddies Club. At the beginning of the year, students in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade applied. A maximum of 30 students who were in good academic standing, good class behavior and no more than 2 absences/tardies in a grading period were selected.


The program is coordinated by Barbie Jackson, Limestone Technology Academy’s STEAM Teacher. The 30 LEGO enthusiasts meet once a week for a two-hour period. The students, affectionately named, LEGO Brick Buddies, are working together in teams practicing their communication skills, following algorithms, and fostering their creative side to complete a common goal:


Create a city composed of LEGO kits and also free builds.


This program is FREE, yes FREE through a $500.00 grant received from the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance sponsored by NORDAM and #PoweredByFlightNight.


Parents will be invited to see the completed project which will include: a movie theater, school, hospital, pet clinic, city hall, amusement park, homes, fire and police stations, transportation, restaurants, and more!

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