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Sand Springs Musician Spotlight – In celebration of April National Guitar Month –


Classical, acoustic-electrical, bass, fender, you probably recognize these names – they are guitars of all types and styles. Something we bet you didn’t know is that April is National Guitar Month! So we are here to celebrate our local musicians and inspire you to dive deeper into the world of music!

Right here in Sand Springs we have a family of musicians who are lighting the musical flames of so many – Firey Music. Firey Music and Lessons is a locally owned and operated music store that offers instrument and voice lessons among other services. This well rounded group of teachers can accommodate any genre of music that

Sandites desire to learn. They truly believe that the gift of music will transform and change your life! We want to give a big shout out to Tina Bill of Firey Music for connecting us with these amazing musicians/students to help us celebrate such a special month!


Jace White, a guitar student of Austin Donoh, has been taking lessons at Firey for several years. “His love for a guitar and dedication has not gone without notice”, says Tina at Firey Music. Read as Jace tells us a little bit about his experience as he has learned guitar over the years.

“The reason why I started playing guitar was because my grandmother played and she went on to play, so when my grandfather first bought my guitar I worked very hard to be good enough to play with her. While learning the instrument, I found it very fun and joyful. Music has gotten me out of dark times, made me feel happy, and the overall experience of music is just beautiful.”


Along with guitar lessons, Firey Music offers equipment to rent or purchase for local students, repair and maintenance for guitars and other musical instruments, and various types of lessons. We had the opportunity to talk with Mikayla Bradford, a voice student at Firey Music and local Sandite!


“I’ve always enjoyed singing. Whether it was worship in church, being a part of my elementary choir, or serenading my parents in the car, I loved music. But when my dad suggested I start voice lessons, I was less than enthusiastic. Little me didn’t think I needed it. My dad had an entire debate with me, arguing that even professionals had voice coaches. Several years later, I am so glad I listened.


Music is an intrinsic part of me. It’s my way of expressing myself and connecting with others. I have so many great memories with my friends and choir, and one of my best friends and I have bonded through our time at Firey. As much fun as a high school choir is, my weekly rendezvous

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