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People: Abbie Wilson

Abbie Wilson is a born-and-raised fifth-generation Sandite. After graduating from Charles Page High School in 2000, Abbie earned a degree in Early Childhood Education at Northeastern State University. Now, she teaches Kindergarten at Harry T. Pratt Elementary School ???? but that’s not all she does.

“I absolutely love my job [at Pratt],” Abbie says. “I can’t imagine doing anything else.” For fun, though, she does. “I started a few side hustles [that] have made my life that much more exciting,” Abbie says.

Abbie has always enjoyed cooking and entertaining. “I fell into catering because of Lisa Miller,” Abbie says. When Lisa was opening the new location of her store, YellowHouse Market and Boutique, she asked Abbie to prepare the food for the grand opening party. “I thought it would be so fun,” Abbie says, “so of course I said yes.”

“From there, people began hiring me to cater their events,” Abbie says, “and it’s been so fun to think of new ways to create food.”

“Then I purchased a yard sign business,” Abbie says, “because I didn’t have anything else to do.” When Abbie wanted to display a yard sign each day during Homecoming Week, she inquired about the pricing and realized it was something she could do herself, so she purchased the lettered signs and the zip code where she lives and began offering her yard sign services for any occasion to her fellow Sandites.

“My favorite thing about living in this community,” Abbie says, “is the sense of belonging. Abbie says it doesn’t matter where she goes or what she’s doing, she sees people she’s known her entire life. “It feels like one big family,” Abbie says.

Whether Abbie has taught your child, catered a special event you’ve hosted or attended, or tagged your yard with a celebratory message, it’s clear to see the impact she is making in Sand Springs. Thanks for all you do for our community, Abbie!


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