Love in Action

During this Spring season updating the community of philanthropic causes, church schedules and community service opportunities seemed to fit right along with our theme of being on Sandite Time.  Spending your time helping others or diving into your community through religious activities of philanthropic causes is truly what being a Sand Springs community member is all about. 


If you are searching for a place to give your time, items or monetary offering, please consider the opportunity below: 


Love Your Neighbor with Sand Springs Community Center

Love your neighbor is your opportunity during the month of March to bless your neighbor with food for a week! If you have an elderly neighbor, a disabled neighbor, a sick neighbor, a neighbor who was laid off or lost income from the pandemic, a neighbor with small children who works, a single-parent neighbor, or a neighbor who has just come upon hard times, you can physically come to Sand Springs Community Center at 114 W 4th  with your ID and a piece of your mail providing residency to receive food assistance sufficient to share with your neighbor. This will save them time, will demonstrate kindness and can be accomplished in a safe and contact-less method if needed. 

Stop by during regular agency hours. M-Th 10:00am – 2:30pm and Friday 9:00am – Noon. If you have any questions please contact SSCS by phone 918-245-5183.


If you are interested in attending a church service or community group, check out these three churches in our area. We have also compiled a comprehensive list of churches in Sand Springs including their contact information, service times and location on our website:


Church That Matters is a group where people can be themselves. They thrive on providing a place where you can experience a life changing encounter with God through authentic community with real people. Their mission is to be a church that matters to God, each other, Sand Springs and the world! Information about Church That Matters can be found on their website,


HillSpring Church is a great place to get connected with your community. While church can be an intimidating place to visit, HillSpring strives to make church a warm, welcoming environment where you can get to know God and feel comfortable in a community of people who love Jesus. Search their website for how you can get involved today!


At Reach Church they love Jesus, have a ton of fun, and dress casual! You can expect engaging worship, practical biblical teaching and amazing kids programs. Whether you feel comfortable worshiping in person or online, Reach Church has options for both which can be found on their website,