Food Trucks and Treats around Sand Springs!

Food Trucks and Treats around Sand Springs! 


There is nothing like chowing down on delectable homemade food during the summer months! Food trucks are the hot topic these days serving up all kinds of goodies from sauce-dripping BBQ to ice cold sno-cones that will fill you up! Check out some of these summer treats and food trucks that frequent the Sand Springs area.

Hot Mess BBQ Food Truck & Catering


One night, six years ago, Jennifer Stavo was up early into the morning hours searching endlessly for her dream. Low and behold, she found her opportunity on Craigslist – a fully prepared food truck ready for BBQ. The rest is history! Jennifer opened Hot Mess BBQ Food Truck and Catering because she desired to have a job where she could involve her kids as she homeschooled. Jennifer shared that her favorite thing about owning a food truck is that she can work for herself.  Over the last six years Hot Mess BBQ has been involved in RocklahomaScottish Fest, Tulsa-area gatherings, Sand Springs weddings and employee lunches, and most recently her truck has been traveling to neighborhoods in Sand Springs for community events.

For information about their locations, specials and catering find them on Facebook:



Back Porch BBQ Food Truck


Back Porch BBQ, where strangers become friends and friends become family! Crystal and Micheal Parker started off in their backyard 𑁋 in fact, they started off on their back porch. The family held a large party once a year with live music, friends and family and, of course, the best homemade BBQ. “A comment was made by some friends like we were competing and coming for them, Crystal said with a laugh. “So that stoked the fire and we decided to see where we could take it.” Over the next few years and multiple competitions, they finally got their recipes down and found their little wagon. Back Porch BBQ was officially opened in March of 2020 and is parked in the Cash Saver parking lot right here in Sand Springs. “My favorite thing is [the] new faces I get to meet daily,” said Crystal, “and the returning customers that have been with us over the years.” The Parkers love giving back to the community through collection drives and various other community events. You can find Back Porch BBQ at 230 OK-97 in Sand Springs or on Facebook at: or give them a call at 918 – 902- 7860.



Route 66 Fry Bread Food Truck

Scott Smilnak has been trained as a chef since 1980. He learned to make fry bread as a child from his aunt and uncle who lived in the Redwood Forest in far Northern California. From his childhood experiences, his passion for cooking grew over the years and inspired him to create a business, Route 66 Fry Bread. “We make our Fry Bread from scratch at each event,” said Scott. “The signature Fry Bread Taco, the ‘con Beef’, weighs about one pound!” Route 66 Fry Bread visits Sand Springs during special events and often sets up at OkieSpice & Trade Co. For locations and specials make sure you visit their Facebook page:


Sandlot Sno-Balls 


Sno-cones are the official mark that hot weather and summer vacation is upon us. Since he was little, Brad Crane has loved Sand Springs. Growing up, Brad shared that his family would travel to the Sand Springs baseball fields every weekend of summer and enjoy snowy cold treats with teammates from the local sno-cone truck! Being a lifelong Sandite, Brad wanted to bring the joy and excitement to the next generation, which is where his passion began. Since 2015, Brad has grown Sandlot Sno-Balls into two stationary sno-cone stands with 72 flavors and one mobile with nine flavors for events! “I love the interaction with the kids,” said Brad,” I like seeing the kids’ excitement and that’s my favorite thing”. Throughout the last six years, Brad has enjoyed giving back to the community through supporting kids sports teams and taking his mobile sno-cone stand to the ballpark like old times.


Big Dipper Creamery


Big Dipper Creamery has been in business for three years. Samantha Cooper, her husband and two small children have a passion for ice cream and for Sand Springs. Beginning their business and living in Sand Springs, they have now grown the creamery to having its own shop in Mother Road Market in Tulsa. “Owning an ice cream shop means I get to bring a little joy to folks,” said Samantha. “I love being able to create new ice cream with the change of the seasons.” Big Dipper Creamery also has an ice cream cart where customers can grab a smooth chilled treat during summer events. For specials and cart location information follow Big Dipper Creamery on Facebook: 


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