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Flying G Ranch

Let’s take a journey to the smallest incorporated municipality in Oklahoma. Lotsee, Oklahoma has grown 200% from a population of 2 in 2010 to 4 in 2022. With 2,000 acres, Lotsee is home to few but is a destination to many. People from around the world visit the ranch. Lotsee and Mike Spradling call this little town their home and stay busy managing Flying G Ranch. Lotsee partners with the Tulsa Global Alliance to give people around the world opportunities to tour the ranch. She has hosted individuals from Bosnia, Ukraine, Egypt, and many other nations. While visiting they partake in activities such as farm tours, horseback riding, and enjoying delectable pecans.

Flying G Ranch Sand Springs

Located in downtown Lotsee, Oklahoma resides the famous Nut Shop. The nut orchard that supplies the nuts for the shop is a whopping 600 acres and produces an average of 500,000 pounds of pecans per harvest. Isn’t that nuts? That’s the equivalent of 18.5 empty concrete trucks. These pecans are then transported to Lotsee and proceed to be cracked and packaged. Grown and packaged locally, pecans of all varieties, you name it, they have it!

The residents of Lotsee give it a local and sweet character. On days when people around the world are not visiting, you will find Lotsee’s daughter Arron, running the Nut Shop with her husband and giving horseback riding lessons during her spare time. As we all know there is a lifelong debate about the pronunciation of the word Pecan. When prompted by the question, Mike responds “Pee-can is what’s underneath grandma’s bed.” 

Nuts aren’t the only rich thing you will find at Flying G Ranch. The Nut Shop doubles as a museum full of artifacts of the town’s unique and rich history. Decades of memories and adventures are everywhere you look within the four walls. So next time you go to the Nut Shop, take a second to ask Lotsee about the doughboy statue or the Canoe she has hanging above the cash register. Also, grab a bag of chocolate covered amaretto pecans, but be careful because once you dance with these delicacies, you cannot stop.


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