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Activate Your Creativity

During this season it is important to activate our creative spirits
as the daylight is shorter and COVID-19 has our families at
home. Using household items can be the perfect way to
start the creative process with your kids! Making a ring
toss from paper plates to toss onto upright paper towel
rolls, adventure journals from treasures found on daily walks
around the neighborhood or spinners made from buttons
and string are all great ways to engage with the kids at home.
Setting up a station at the counter while you’re cooking
lunch is a great way for kids to learn while being involved in
a fun process with a delicious reward at the end!


Whether you are bored out of your mind, need something
new to try or are running out of ideas, take a fresh look at
your household items and try to think of new ways to use
them for fun activities and crafts. Don’t limit yourself to
your craft closet, venture into the kitchen for Fruit Loop snack
necklaces or outside to build an airplane from sticks and leaves!
Anything is possible when you put your mind to it, let’s get
creative Sand Springs! When you and your family come
up with a fun idea, share it with us on social media and include
#wearesandsprings . We look forward to seeing your brilliant
creations, happy crafting!


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