Senior in the Spotlight: Kristin Shipley

Charles Page High School senior Kristin Shipley says if she could give one piece of advice to underclassmen, it would be this: “Get involved. Join the student council. Join a sport. Join a club. Join something because it will [help you meet new friends] who have similar interests.”

Kristin, our Senior in the Spotlight for the May/June issue, took her own advice to heart. Throughout high school, Kristin has participated in the worship team at church, led the Charles Page High School marching band as the drum major, played oboe for the Tulsa Youth Symphony, worked at a local daycare, and took several missions trips with her church.

“Music is a huge part of my life,” Kristin says. “I truly believe it makes me who I am.” Because of her involvement in several music organizations, Kristin has had the opportunity to play classical arrangements on the oboe, jazz pieces on the saxophone, and contemporary songs on the piano.

At school, Kristin says Mr. Kyle Wright, who has been her band director since 6th grade, helped develop her passion for music. “He is always there to support me and offer advice,” Kristin says. “I know I can always walk into his office for help with difficult music; he truly cares about every one of his students.”

“Because of my musical training, I was able to earn a scholarship to Northeastern State University,” Kristin says. This fall, Kristin will head off to college to earn her bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in music. Later, she’ll pursue a master’s degree in occupational therapy with the hopes of opening a clinic for disabled children.
Kristin has been preparing for this path all along. She works 25 hours a week at Kids 1st Learning Center as an assistant teacher in a school-age room. “I help kids with their homework, play with them, make sure they’re safe, and clean the room at the end of each day,” Kristin says. “My favorite part of the job is planning activities for my kids and watching them have fun doing them.” In addition, Kristin has been taking college courses at Tulsa Community College and will be halfway through her sophomore year of college once she graduates high school.

Kristin says she has made friends where she works and in her concurrent college classes and that these friendships will last a lifetime. Her missions trips to Tanzania have helped her form lifelong bonds, too. “My missions trips have had a massive impact on my life,” Kristin says. “I have made many friends who live in Tanzania, and they are some of the best friends I have.”

Though her free time is limited, Kristin makes the most of it. “Baking is one of my favorite hobbies,” Kristin says, “and I also enjoy crafting, up-cycling clothing, and making signs, scrunchies, and bath bombs.” She even sells some of her creations for a little extra money.

“When I’m not crazy busy, I really enjoy just spending time with my friends,” Kristin says. “[My friends] have helped me through the darkest times of my life,” Kristin says, “and I don’t know where or who I would be without them.”

“The one thing I will miss the most about high school is the group of friends I have,” Kristin says. “[We will continue to talk], but it will be different because we won’t see each other daily. Once in college, Kristin looks forward to meeting new people from across the country.

With Kristin’s commitment to seeking rewarding opportunities, reaching her goals and trying new things with enthusiasm, there’s no doubt Kristin will get involved at Northeastern State University and continue making special friendships ???? keeping harmony along the way.


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