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Construction Updates

Construction Updates 

January 2022

A letter from Sherry Durkee regarding Sand Springs Public Schools

Sand Springs is EXCITING right now! There are so many projects that are in progress, both in homes and around the city. We see progress everyday as we drive past the cones! But sometimes we wonder where we are in the process???

Sherry Durkee, our Superintendent, gave us an update on some of the school construction going on right now:


As most know, our new Freshman Academy and STEM Center on the campus of Charles Page High School entered its second year of use. It has become a vital cornerstone as our students enter into their high school era with outstanding program choices. Interestingly, several other districts in the state have come to tour this new facility to get ideas and learn from our journey. This current school year also brought with it the completion of the Angus Valley Gymnasium, also a hardened space, allowing for a separate facility for physical education classes and providing a safe place for students to gather in the event of a severe storm. These are accomplishments only possible with the support of our community at the last bond election of 2019.

It is with great excitement that I give an update on current facility projects in the district. When the old Central Ninth Grade Center was abandoned in the 2020-21 school year by our freshmen students, lots of discussions about the future of that facility were taking place. As was stated during the bond election, our district has needed to improve our enrollment procedures, including the facility access, for some time. Our public should be proud when new families enter our district and begin the enrollment process with their children. We made a decision to begin seriously considering the possibility of upgrading a portion of the old Central Ninth Grade Center building, located at 4th and Main, to accommodate a new and improved Enrollment Center. With the help of our district architect, Jeanie Kvach, plans were developed to convert the Manual Arts portion of that building to accommodate student enrollment and our Child Nutrition department. The district competitively bid this project and the Board of Education approved the remodel of that section in the spring of this year. This project is now at completion and the newly remodeled Enrollment Center and Child Nutrition Department is set to officially open in January, 2022! New families to the district will now enjoy easy access to an area devoted to an easier process of student enrollment. We have been able to start the restoration of one of the oldest buildings in the district, preserving some of the history of Sand Springs Public Schools.

The Board approved Phase 2 of the restoration this fall which will include a remodel of the 2nd floor of the Manual Arts section, accommodating our Virtual Academy. The target date for completion of Phase 2 is sometime this spring.

– Sherry Durkee, Superintendent






  • 97-T Guardrail Repair – Replace segments of existing guardrail which had been damaged along 97-T between US-412 & SH-97.
  • Main Street Widening – Completion of ODOT project to widen Main Street from US-412 south to connection with SH-97 at the north end of the Arkansas River Bridge.  Project includes a new onramp connection from Main Street to eastbound US-412.
  • 97-T Pavement Rehabilitation – Mill and overlay patching of numerous locations of pavement settlement along 97-T between US-412 & SH-97.
  • Downtown Overlays – 2018 GO Bond Project to mill and overlay streets in the downtown area:  1st Street (Cleveland to Main); Broadway (Main to 4th Street); Park Road (4th Street to Adams); Roosevelt & Garfield (1st Street to 2nd Street); Main, Lincoln, & Washington (US-412 to Broadway); and McKinley (US-412 to 4th Street).
  • Residential Overlays – 2018 GO Bond Project to mill and overlay local residential streets:  4th Street (Industrial to Washington); 38th Street (SH-97 to Summit Blvd.); Spruce Dr. (44th to 51st); Rawson Rd. (40th to 41st); 40th Street & Place (at Rawson Rd. east to cul-de-sac); 39th St.-74th W. Ave.-40th St. (loop west off of Rolling Oaks Drive) along with adjoining 74th W. Circle & 74th W. Place cul-de-sacs; 69th W. Court (north of Rolling Oaks Dr.); Silver Oak Drive, Circle, Terrace, Court, & Place (east of Rolling Oaks Dr.).



  • Highway 97 Roadway Lighting – Replacement of all roadway and bridge lighting heads and associated repairs along SH-97 between 41st Street and 2nd Street.  Existing incandescent luminaires are being replaced with more energy efficient and reliable LED lighting.


  • ODOT State Highway 97 Improvements from Morrow Road to 2nd Street – ODOT project to widen SH-97 (Wilson Ave.) from Morrow Road to 2nd Street.  Project includes improvements to the underground stormwater conveyance system serving this area all the way south through the levee, a dedicated right turn lane south of Morrow Road into the Sheffield Crossing development area, and traffic signal upgrades to include coordination through the corridor.  Anticipated start, Summer 2022.
  • City Wide Striping – Project to restripe a number of city street segments including:  Park Road (US-412 on-ramp to 81st W. Ave.); 2nd Street (Wilson to Adams); Wekiwa Road (SH-97 to 129th W. Ave.); Morrow Road (SH-97 to Adams); Adams Road (Charles Page Blvd to 2nd Street); Alexander Blvd (SH-97 to Main); Booker T. Washington (Morrow to Alexander Blvd); 113th W. Ave. (SH-51 to 32nd Street); 41st Street (113th W. Ave. to 129th W. Ave.); 51st Street SH-97 to 129th W. Ave.).  Anticipated Spring 2022.



  • S. 113th W. Ave. Widening, Phases 1, 2 & 3 – Project to widen S. 113th W. Ave. to three lanes between SH-51 and 41st Street.  Project will include curb and gutter, sidewalks, and signalization of the intersection of 32nd Street and 113th W. Ave.  Project is currently in the right-of-way acquisition phase, to be followed by utility relocations and then roadway construction.
  • Arterial Street Rehabilitation of West 41st Street South Between S. 129th W. Ave. and SH-97 – Pavement preservation project consisting of 2” mill and overlay with limited full-depth patching or replacement of existing pavement.
  • Sheffield Crossing Phase 2, Case Park Road – 2018 GO Bond Project to extend a new roadway from the traffic signals on SH-97 at the north end of the Arkansas River Bridge west through the redevelopment area and over the levee, providing a second entrance into the Case Community Park.


Brad Bates


There are plenty of road construction projects ongoing right now. Be sure to visit to check on each project with an update from City Manager Mike Carter.

While construction sometimes proves frustrating it is a clear signal of growth; and Sand Springs is definitely growing. As we see these dreams become reality, let’s all keep in mind that the work is temporary, our state of mind and being are something that follow us everywhere we go. So take a drive and admire the hard work and vision of others, Sand Springs is going to see the benefits for years to come!

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