How to Throw a Memorable Backyard Barbecue

There’s nothing like the smell of honeysuckle, the crackling sizzle from the grill, and the ambient chatter of your close friends filling the backyard that signals the start of summertime.


Before you fire up your grill or smoker this season, there are a few things you can do to ensure you and your guests have a safe and delicious time!




As grilling season begins, take a few minutes to ensure your backyard set-up is safe and ready for company. The grill should be at least 10 feet from your home and free of any decor, like a nearby hanging floral basket. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby for any flame flare-ups, and be sure to clean between each use as grease build-up can cause a fire.


Additionally, it’s important to never load the grill with too much food (especially fatty meats) or leave the grill unattended. If you need a refill on your beverage or an extra plate to make room on the grates, enlist a friend. Leaving a grill unattended can be dangerous for curious kiddos or the potential for a big fire.




Whether you’re grilling burgers or smoking ribs, downtown-based Okie Spice has all the flavor you need. Brimming with herbs, spices, mixes, and blends, this Main Street staple offers a variety of flavors to take your backyard bash up a notch. Sure, salt and pepper can enhance your dinner 𑁋 but the offerings at Okie Spice will upgrade any plate.


Turn an average burger and fries into a meal the neighborhood will talk about for months with the Tulsa Chophouse Burger Seasoning and the packaged Smoked Sea Salt. Making ribs? Check out Rib Candy, an apple brown sugar habanero sauce, for a finger-lickin’-good sweet-and-spicy kick. The Honey Habanero Rub offers a similar flavor, and when it comes to barbecue condiments, the more the merrier.


While the meats cook (slow and low is the way to go), you can offer your guests small bites to enjoy while they sip something cold and mingle together. Try the Roasted Green Chile Cheddar Block with pretzels or rye chips, cornichons, walnuts, and sliced green apple. You could also shred the cheese over a platter of fresh green beans and pop it under the broiler.





Celebrating Memorial Day with friends? Grab some decorations from Dollar Tree, which offers an assortment of summer-themed cups, plates, and cutlery. For a stand-out centerpiece to place on the patio table, order an arrangement from Coble’s Creations. Add a strand of string lights and a couple yard games (ladder toss, anyone?) and you’ve got a party!


Given the circumstances of the previous year, it might have been awhile since you last hosted a backyard shindig for your friends. With these handy tips and your famous smoky ribs, though, this event is sure to be an unforgettable summer afternoon 𑁋 the kind that makes you especially grateful for good food, great friends, and the promise of summer on the horizon.

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