Zumba Night

Zumba Night at the Case Community Center is one of the biggest moving events in Sand Springs. With around 100 or more attendees depending on the night, Dawn Bodi gets her group moving and a grooving to dance music! Bodi teaches a Zumba class four days a week, which are on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday that begin at 5:30 and go for a whole hour. She also teaches the same class on Thursdays, beginning at 6:00 PM.
While there as a guest or a member you will never feel out of place and everyone is having a great time while there. Bodi gets everybody up and moving right when the night begins and it gets intense.
During the night, there will be many different songs that get everybody moving and smiling during the session. Bodi includes your newer dance songs that allow a person to get their Zumba on! When you get started you can’t stop and being there gets a lot easier!
The event is mostly comprised of women, though you can bring your husbands along to enjoy the upper level of the gymnasium, where they are able to run laps and get on different types of workout machines!
Once a month the group decides that a little treat may be in need and Zumba group goes out to dinner to enjoy a night that rewards everybody for the hard work that comes with Zumba! It is a class that everyone can enjoy and it will get you feeling better than ever before!