We are so grateful for our youth pastors, and the way they serve Sand Springs. And we want to help them by taking action.

The amazing thing is that all of us can be Sandites in Service by joining in on the action. We want to give you three ways to take action with our local youth pastors. No matter how young, old, rich, poor, healthy, or hurting we all have a way we can give back. The old saying really is true, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” So for all of our Sandites that are looking to live a life of purpose Sand Springs here are three ways!


If you are able, you can use your abilities to help the One Alliance on their serve days. Maybe you can cook, build, or make t-shirts. The One Alliance can especially use help with printing to advertise their events. If you own a local business, then you could consider donating products or services to One Alliance.


If you are financially able to assist the One Network, then you could consider donating toward their Spring Break Local Mission weekend.


If you don’t fit in the above categories, no worries! We all have time, and this perhaps is the most important resource! You can be a breath of fresh air in a teenagers life, get involved more in a local church, or actually come out to a One Alliance serve day. All of these things were stressed more by these local pastors then the first two categories. They want you to know that you matter, and that if you get involved with a local community of believers, God can use your life to do more good than you could ever imagine.
To get involved in any of these areas contact Matt Barnett at, and make sure to check out the full interview check out our Facebook Page ( or