What’s in Your Car?


Anyone else feel like they live out of their car during the summer months? We go everywhere from soccer games to museums to business meetings. Let’s take this opportunity to play a fun little game, shall we? Link up with family and friends and see who can win this round of “What’s in Your Car?”


For each item listed below that you have in your car you get a certain amount of points. Check the box and when you’re finished, tally up your points. The player with the highest score wins! 

Add up your points and see if you can win against your friends and family!


1 point: 

____ Mints/Gum

____ Cell Phone 

____ Glasses/Sunglasses

____ Mask

____ Fast Food Bag

____ Keys 

____ Lotion

____ Hand Sanatizer


3 Points:



____Gift Card 



____$20 bill



7 points: 

____Business Cards

____Grocery List 

____Water Bottle

____Phone Charger


____Granola Bar 

____Ketchup Packet 




15 Points: 


____Chocolate Bar

____Purple Pen 


____Sports Ball


____Pepper Spray 



___________ Total Points 

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