This is the mantra of Warriors in Saddles. These individuals have a heart for veterans and have the riding equipment to help. Warriors in Saddles is an equine therapeutic riding program and is designed to help veterans who are suffering from combat exposure and PTSD. At the end of the current session, 32 veterans will have gone through the program. In working with the horses, the veterans learn trust, confidence, balance, and self reliance. These are all skills that have been in shock from being exposed to combat in different ways.

We were able to visit with some of the teachers and veterans at the Tulsa Boys Home in Sand Springs, the main facility for the therapy taking place. They explained that the Warriors in Saddles program is six weeks long, and gives the veteran a chance to learn grooming, groundwork, saddling, and riding. Each week the veterans learn a new skill culminating with the veteran riding independently and navigating a simple obstacle course.

This is a wonderful program that Sand Springs is lucky to have located in our great city. Warriors in Saddles is grateful for their new home at the Tulsa Boys Home and look forward to many more years of serving veterans. There is no cost for veterans to participate in the program. So if you know a veteran who would love to get some saddle time with the benefits of healing, empowerment, and recovery; please contact Ralph Henderson at 918-809-4534 or