Tulsa Boys’ Home

Tucked in the countryside of Sand Springs is a beautiful ranch. The sole purpose of this ranch is to show troubled adolescent boys there are people that care about them. The Tulsa Boys’ Home is making a significant impact on the kids they serve.
This 100 year old institution was founded in 1918. Tulsa Boys’ Home began in a two-story house in downtown Tulsa. Leaders of the First Presbyterian Church and the Downtown Rotary Club were instrumental in its establishment.
In 1979 the institution moved to its present location, a 60-acre site in west Tulsa County, Sand Springs. The site is always evolving to meet the needs of troubled boys and their families.
The Tulsa Boys’ Home is recognized and accredited as a residential treatment facility for boys with emotional, behavioral, and substance abuse problems. TBH was the first and remains the largest residential treatment facility serving troubled boys in Oklahoma.
Each year, TBH delivers residential services to 64 boys (and often their families) on a daily basis. 40 of the boys are placed by the Department of Human Services, and the other 24 are privately placed by parents or legal guardians. Many of these boys learn to lead productive lives, and credit TBH for breaking the cycle of poverty, abuse, and neglect that is often passed on from generation to generation if no help is available.
At the helm of the TBH, for almost 20 years, is Gregory T. Conway, M.S. Gregory was born in New York City and raised in Long Island. In 1976 Gregory moved to Tulsa to begin a new chapter in his life. After receiving his undergraduate in Social Work at ORU he continued on to earn his Masters in Counseling from OSU. Gregg and his wonderful wife Jennifer Conway have two boys, Mason and Cale. The couple live on the ranch to stay close to the mission of the Tulsa Boys Home which is to provide the highest quality residential care for young boys needing placement outside their home. They both embody the purpose of developing well-adjusted, responsible adults and strengthening the family.
After hearing the views of the leadership at the Tulsa Boys Home it is easy to see the heart of those that work there. Gregg said, “We are the blessed ones. We have been given the gift of service in our lives.”
There are many ways for a group, family or individual to get involved in the TBH from becoming a regular volunteer to getting foster parent training. To learn more about the Tulsa Boys’ Home you can attend one of their HOPE Tours.
Get involved! Visit to hear the whole story and learn about the many opportunities to serve along side other volunteers at the Tulsa Boys’ Home.