Winter recreation is trending!! And, GOOD NEWS! Sand Springs fits the trends!

Winter doesn’t slow down recreation across our country. People across the country are finding that the winter is a great time to get out and be active. 

Sand Springs fits in the recreational mold. Whether going out for a hike or a bike ride, we can be active in Sand Springs!

With winter comes shorter and colder days, but this is no reason to stop enjoying Sand Springs. Sand Springs has more recreational opportunities than meets the eye! As winter recreation trends nation wide, we have the opportunity to take advantage of the wonderful oasis that Sand Springs offers. Many people have to drive far and wide to go for just a hike, mountain bike ride or cabin getaway, but we are spoiled with our glorious geography. We can hike at Keystone’s Ancient Forest, ride bikes at the River City Trail, search Airbnb for a great local getaway, or keep up with our fitness and societal goals at Case Community Center. So let’s refuse to waste this land we have been graced with, and let us get out, get active, and utilize one of the greatest outdoor communities our state has to offer. 

As we exit hibernation, and enter recreation we must take the necessary safety precautions.

When going out to enjoy all of the amazing recreational opportunities, here are some practical safety tips to remember:

  • Wear layers
  • Have a safety kit with a compass
  • Map
  • Hand warmers
  • Knife
  • Headlamp
  • Bring a friend
  • Check the weather for the week and pick the warmest day