Make hiking a priority this winter

Hiking is loved country wide, but it is often relegated to three seasons. However, winter can actual be the perfect season to go for a hike, and Sand Springs is the perfect place to get out and explore. 

The trails are wide open for exploration with friends and family.

You could take a trip to Keystone Ancient Forest with your family, and enjoy one of these three amazing trails.

The Childers Trail

Located just off the parking lot, this trail is approximately 0.6 miles in length, 5′ in width and takes about 15 minutes to complete. The trail’s surface is smooth asphalt and is ADA accessible. Grade inclines are very gentle. This is our easiest rated trail to hike.

The Frank Trail

Spurring off of the Childer’s Trail, the Frank Trail is approximately 2.8 miles round-trip and takes about an hour to hike. The trail surface is compacted stone and bare soil. This is a moderately difficult-rated trail. There is a set of “switchbacks” located about 400 yards into the trail that present some steeper inclines.
The trail leads to a grand view of the Arkansas River basin where famed American author Washington Irving passed by in October of 1832. Much of his account can be found in his book “A Tour on the Prairies”. You might remember this author who gave us “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and “Rip Van Winkle”.

The Wilson Trail

Our first difficult rated trail is now open for hiking, and will receive on-going trail improvements.  Hikers should hike at their own risk, and may encounter
steep slopes, poor footing, native wildlife and potentially deadly-drop offs.  Please use caution.

Important Information When Planning Your Trip

Hiking Hours:

From 8am – 2pm
January 13th (Fun Run 7am-10am); Hiking 10am-2pm
January 27th
February 10th & 24th

Scheduled Tour Guides:

For more information go to:

Ancient Fun Run:

One important event to remember is their annual Ancient Fun Run on January 13. The gates open at 6 AM, race begins at 7 AM, and it will end around 10 AM. This is an amazing opportunity to get out and give back because all proceeds will be going to benefit the Keystone Ancient Forest.