Holiday Decorating with Martin & Company

The Holiday Season is upon us. Can you feel it in the air? It’s our favorite part of the year, when we start seeing pumpkins on porches, colorful leaves on the trees, and blankets of the many fallen leaves covering the ground. It is natural beauty at it’s best. Then, in an instant, the chilly air arrives, bringing us into the festive Christmas Spirit, where the scent of pumpkin spice takes a back seat to gingerbread cookies.
So, how do we capture such a memorable thing and bring it into our home? In this article you will find our top 5 transitional ways to decorate your home for the holidays!
1. From Trick or Treating to Season’s Greetings!
Greet your guests with a beautiful burlap wreath on your front door. Add a few pops of color with ribbon for the seasons with a small chalkboard and frame to finish off your perfect first impression.
2. That makes “Scents”
Let your nose know it’s the holiday season. Place scented candles, scented wax melts or potpourri near your entry and throughout your home. (Grandma’s Apple Pie is a great transitional scent!
3. Nature Walk
Create memories with your loved ones. Take a nature walk together and look around using things from nature. Pine cones make for great centerpiece decor in a glass bowl. You can add fall leaves for Thanksgiving and replace with small ornaments for Christmas.
4. Simplicity is Sophisticated
Keep it simple and elegant by sticking with three colors. Red can be used for both. Multiple color pallets can be distracting. Keeping your color pallet simple will create a professional finish. The best transitional colors are; gold, silver, white, blue, brown, and red.
5. Family Treasures
Kitchens and bathrooms are great places to put scented candles and knickknacks. You can also frame your children’s holiday artwork and use them as decor to bring the celebration to every room.
The Holiday Season is definitely a time to do it big and have a blast! Happy Holidays from Martin & Company to you!
Martin Company Holiday Decorating
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