The June 26th Primary Election is rearing its head. Among other items on the ballot is the Oklahoma House District 66 election.

Get to know your representatives before Tuesday, June 26th. Here are several takeaways from an open forum we attended in early June.

Learn where you’re supposed to vote on Tuesday, June 26th, right here.


Angela Graham

  1. Lived in Sand Springs for more than 20 years
  2. Serves at Deborah Brown Community School
  3. In favor of fully funding education
  4. Pay teachers a living wage
  5. Health Care for Everyone and says she wants to take back Oklahoma’s tax dollars
  6. Strongly opposes Oklahoma incarceration rates – Especially with women; We shouldn’t be #1

Rusty Rowe

  1. Management and restaurant ownership experience
  2. Recently closed cafe in downtown Tulsa where he managed diverse groups of people
  3. Lived in District 66 for 9 years
  4. Wants Reliable revenue services for Oklahoma
  5. Wants to see investment into education, criminal justice reform
  6. Wants to create a to-do list of reasonable and actionable ideas and have meetings with experts

Brian Jackson

  1. Served on Sand Springs City Council for 9 years
  2. First ran for state office when he was 23
  3. Says Oklahoma has crumbling infrastructure, with highest incarceration rate of women that’s breaking our families apart
  4. It’s time to stand up to the parties, bringing hard-earned money back to taking care of Oklahoma’s priorities
  5. He’s a Dad, husband and elected volunteer
  6. Wants to be a representative that won’t bow down to political parties

Emily Delozier

  1. Lived in same home in Sand Springs for 33 years, she’s a 4th generation Sandite
  2. Wife, mother, grandmother and has helped raise 2 grandchildren
  3. Believes in Oklahoma Education because she’s well-educated herself
    1. Has 3 degrees and 3 certificates from TCC in languages
    2. Studied finance, marketing and culture across the world in Europe
    3. Bachelor of Science degree at TU in BusinessIssues are with Oklahoma Taxes

Jadine Nollan

  1. Currently serves as the House Representative for District 66 and is running for Re-Election
  2. Elected in National Recession in 2011
  3. Received 100% rating from Oklahoman’s for Life and the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy.Received an “A” rating from the NRA-PVF, the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, and the Oklahoma Farm Bureau Federation.
  4. Inherited issues after stimulus money went away and Oklahoma went into an oil bust.
  5. Believes in making small steps as part of a greater vision
  6. Highlighted the efforts made in education funding, and efforts she is continuously making to help better education
    Believes in funding mental health