Superbowl Sunday Vs. Galentine’s Day

For the first time in National Football League history the renowned Superbowl coincides with one of America’s newest holidays – Galentine’s Day! On Superbowl Sunday you can find families gearing up for the traditional battle of teams with lucky memorabilia and crock pots filled with copious amounts of food that could feed an actual football team. But on Galentine’s day the ladies will be dreaming about hanging with their girlfriends, purchasing red roses and delicate chocolate to “treat themselves”.   


While we all have different ideas of what each occasion should hold – there is no reason why the two shouldn’t be able to share the day! Let’s dive into some head to head combat: Superbowl Sunday Vs. Galentine’s Day! 


SuperBowl Sunday: 


The Superbowl consists of a few major elements, let’s run through the playbook shall we?


  1. Two teams that worked their butts off to get to the Superbowl to play rough and tough with one another resulting in millions of fans cheering in victory, and millions of fans outraged in defeat. 
  2. Copious amounts of food that will grace the kitchen table, island and countertops for the duration of the game (4-5 hours) plus an hour or two of wiggle room (2 hours) which is a grand total of delicious apps and grandma’s recipes available for 7 hours. Let’s not forget to mention the lour of adult beverages that seem to increase as the hours go by. 
  3. While some fans travel to the game, the majority will set up camp in a parking lot, or on their home couch surrounded by friends and family to cheer on their team to victory. Generally consisting of loud yelling, screaming and cheering! 
  4. And to end the night – if you’re the winning team, you receive the Lombardi Trophy, a prized possession accompanied by diamond studded rings for each player on the team – oh and did we mention, BRAGGING RIGHTS?! 


At the end of the day the SuperBowl is a great way to engage in, mostly, friendly conversation and  competition. However, spending 7+ hours watching the SuperBowl might not be the most romantic way to spend Valentine’s day. 


Galentine’s Day! 


We can assume that the majority of men will desire to pop open a cold one and chillax with the family while cheering on their team in this year’s SuperBowl game. This year the pigskin celebration will look a little differently as it is shared with the beloved Galentine’s Day. 


  1. Galentine’s Day is a day spent with the gals! 
  2. Galentine’s Day is full of fun including 
      1. Spa Trips 
        1. Healing Hands Therapeutic Massage
      2. Dining: 
        1. Breakfast: Crescent Cafe
        2. Lunch: El Patron Cocina Mexicana
        3. Dinner: Little Venice 
      3. Sweet Treats  
        1. Big Dipper Creamery 
        2. Boulder Coffee
      4. DIY at home fun! 
        1. Mimosa Bar
        2. Craft day
        3. Gift exchange
  3. Galentine’s Day is for building relationships! There are many ways to show love – and time spent with a friend is definitely one of them! 


But wait… Why don’t we put the two together! 

  1. Invite the guys and their gals over for beers and a mimosa bar! 
    1. Check out TJ’s Wine and Spirits to shop local for all occasions! 
  2. Cater food from one of our local restaurants to fill the crowd with delish entrees and apps! 
    1. If you are looking to have your Superbowl Sunday catered, try looking into some of the great restaurants around Sand Springs like: Little Venice, Rib Crib BBQ, El Patron Cocina Mexicana or Napoli’s Italian Restaurant.
  3. Take the weekend to go shopping at some of our local downtown boutiques for a cute outfit, and party supplies to make Sunday a day to remember! 
    1. Try shopping in downtown Sand Springs at Yellowhouse Market and Boutique, Blush, Coble’s Flowers and Okie Spice!
  4. Set up a photo-op area for guests to take selfies cheering on their favorite team – or clinking champagne glasses or holding a football – it is all to celebrate a Super Bowl Galentine’s Day!


Whether you celebrate the Superbowl, Galentine’s Day – or both, there is plenty of room for relationships, fun and love all in one day! 


Happy Super-Galentines-Bowl Day to you Sandites!  

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