Summer Solstice: Get the Most Out of the Longest Day of the Year

June 21st is Summer Solstice. More simply put, it’s the longest day of the year.
With so much extra sunlight, we want to make sure you spend it wisely.

Here’s 5 ways to maximize your day!
1. Do some late evening lawn work. There’s no better way to use a day than to get some well-needed yard maintenance in. That means pulling out your mower and trimmer and getting to work! Take in the Sand Springs Sun during the longest day of the year!
2. Invite your friends over for a longggg summer solstice party. Many different cultures celebrate Summer Solstice in different ways. Come up with your own tradition! Try staying up all night or start a new ritual at Case Community Park.
3. Go for a longggg walk on Katy Trail or head out to Keystone Lake for beautiful views. Nature trails and Sand Springs go hand-in-hand. Don’t take it for granted, soak up the day.
4. WATCH the sunset. Try 8:44 p.m. out for size.
5. Stay up and watch the stars. After all, the longest day of the year means it’s also the shortest night of the year.