“I’m slouching, again..” you say to yourself as you try to sit up straight in your early 2000’s office chair with virtually no support. Your butt hurts, your posture is struggling, and you’re having trouble finding ways to relax… all while letting your computer screen burn bright lights into your brain. But it doesn’t matter because you have work to do.
So you crack your neck and scarf down your third cup of coffee. EASY. You’re back to work in no time.
But when you go home with your back throbbing, your posture still a C minus at best, and you try to fall asleep, you can’t! Your well-planned 8 hours turns into a rough 5 and you realize 8 o’clock came too soon, now staring at your black Keurig, waiting for the final drips of coffee to fall into your cup before you rush to your car.
30 minutes later, you dreadfully cast your gaze to your early 2000’s office chair that’s beckoning your name.. “Only 8 more hours,” you say to yourself.
So how do you stop this cycle of bad posture and bad sleep?
Stretching has been known to better your mental health, improve your posture, and help you get to sleep.
Don’t know which ones to start with?
Try these 6 simple stretches that you can do at your desk!

The “neck crack” just isn’t the most efficient way to get you back in the game. You need to actually streeeeetch your neck muscles, not crack the cartilage. Re-focus quickly!

The classic baseball player stretch is a simple one you can do at your desk. This stretch is effective for loosening up your shoulders.

Feeling a little tighter than usual? It’s not just your back that can give you troubles. A well-stretched chest can mean a better back, and improved posture.


Is your 100 words per minute sinking to 50 later in the day? Don’t wait until your work struggles to think about how you can better manage the day. This one can be done very discreetly in the office.

Your lower back will thank you later! You can feel this stretch doing work to help strengthen and lengthen your back. It also hits the hamstrings, too.

If your legs are getting restless in your office chair, try making sure they are properly stretched. We promise you won’t look awkward in your cubicle with this one.

It hasn’t even been 5 minutes, yet. How do you feel?

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