How to Stand Out and Land the Job
By Shelly Morquecho, Express Employment Professionals
Looking for a job can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. When it comes to interviews and résumés, a
few simple tips can help you stand out from the pack and get the job.
Your résumé forms a potential employer’s first impression of you and can make or break your chances
of landing a job. Increase your odds of a first great impression by including a brief summary of your top
skills to help employers identify that you have what they’re looking for. Make sure your résumé is
relevant and focused by keeping it no longer than two pages. List the top projects you’ve worked on,
focus on results, and include activities that best represent your strengths.
Make sure the font you use is simple and readable. Try adding bullet points to organize your résumé,
starting with your most current experience. Proofread for typos, check dates for accuracy, and make
sure your contact information is correct.
If your résumé lands you an interview, it’s time to prepare! Start by forming an elevator speech about
yourself. Recap your work experience, education, and skills that pertain to the position you’re
interviewing for. Feel free to mention hobbies you enjoy outside of work, but keep your introduction
under three minutes.
You’ll likely be asked to identify your greatest strengths and weaknesses. Determine two or three of
your strongest skills and draft some responses. Make sure the skills are an appropriate match with the
job’s qualifications and explain how they have helped you succeed and perform effectively. When it
comes to weaknesses, try turning a negative into a positive by emphasizing how your traits have led you
to improvement.
It’s important to remain confident during job interviews, so take a few minutes to make sure you’re
ready the night before. Do some quick research to determine what the company does and develop a
few questions to ask during the interview so you have a better understanding of what the job looks like.
Before your interview, make sure you know where it will take place. You may want to drive to the
location beforehand so you know how long it will take you to get there. When picking out your clothes,
remember that even if the work environment is casual, it’s best to consider more traditional business
attire for your interview. You only get one first impression, after all.
Remember to follow up with your interviewer by sending a thank-you note or email. This allows you to
thank the company for the opportunity as well as reiterate your qualifications and interest in the job.
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