6 TAKEAWAYS From the City of Sand Springs Spirit Grant Workshop

1. General Info. The Spirit Grant is funded by the local hotel/motel tax and is specifically designed to grow sales tax and boost economic development in Sand Springs. The applicant will pay total up front costs, have 1 year to complete and finalize the project, and will submit invoices for the project for 80% reimbursement. Applicants can submit more than one idea and win more than one grant.
2. Monies Can Used For
– Advertising and marketing expenses designed to draw tourism to Sand Springs
– Group advertising campaigns that support local sales
– Community cleanup efforts
– Special events to draw tourism in Sand Springs
– Exterior building upgrades and beautification
– Group projects for new or improved community facilities
– Public art and historic displays in Sand Springs
3. Business Owners. Business owners are encouraged to apply for a Spirit Grant. The city encourages businesses to use their networks to create partnerships that can help pre-fund larger scale projects.
4. Existing Projects. Though the Spirit Grant is designed for new events and projects, existing events are eligible to receive the grant. The city is encouraging those with pre-existing events to show as much detail and pre-event planning on the application so you can prove that the grant will give your event a strong chance of success in meeting your goals.
5. Eligibility. Churches are eligible, as long as they don’t use the money for specific religious purposes. Elected officials and city staff are not eligible to receive the grant.
6. Applications. You can start applying for the Spirit Grant on August 1st. Just click here to get access to the form. The deadline for ALL applications is October 1st. A city committee will review all applications and applicants will be notified whether the grant was awarded within 30 days of October 1st.