Senior in the Spotlight highlights a handful of amazing Sandite Seniors that have truly made a point to get the most out of their high school education and experiences. We are proud to feature these amazing students!
Have you ever met someone that you know, without a doubt, is going places? Kearstin Hilligoss is one of those people! This young lady is driven, hardworking, well spoken, knowledgeable, caring, and thoughtful. Her 4.0 grade point average, commitment to the dance team, volunteer hours and close friendships are only a few accomplishments that back up these attributes. Kearstin is certainly making a point to get the most out of her time at Charles Page High School (CPHS).

Miss Hilligoss’ interest in learning began long before CPHS. Kearstin attended Anderson Schools from kindergarten through 6th grade. Her time in Anderston Schools is really when her love of learning began. She shared, “We had teachers that made learning fun, a game, or competition. it was really nice…I enjoyed it. That really is where it all started.” Kearstin loved her time in Anderson Schools but also enjoyed making friends in Sand Springs Schools when she transferred in 7th grade.
Kearstin has been a member of the Sandite Dance Team since 8th grade and danced recreationally at Miss Tirita’s Dance Studio her whole life. Currently, Kearstin dances on the JV Dance Team and serves as co-captain of the team. This Sandite dancer has competed with her team and placed in state both years, placing 1st and then 2nd in hip hop. “My favorite part of the dance team is definitely the girls. We are more like a sisterhood. It is great,” Kearstin shared. Sandite JV Dance Team co-captain is not the only title being held by this driven girl.

During her high school education, Kearstin holds or has held the following titles:
Student Council President: Class of 2017
National Honor Society: Blood Drive Chair
Youth in Government: Acting as House of Representatives this Spring at the State Capital.
Senior of the Month: November 2016
And has received the following awards:
Northeastern State University’s Interscholastic Competition: 1st place in math analysis (2015)
CPHS Top 10 Student: Sophomore and Junior years
Society of Women Engineers: Certificate of Merit (2016)
Junior investor challenge: 4th place
Kearstin volunteers at many places, a few are to follow:
Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army
Special Olympics at OSU
Pratt Elementary Carnival
There are not many students that can manage this type of demand. When asked where all of the motivation came from, she shared, “My dad has always told me knowledge is key. That what I learn will take me where I want to go and I believe that.”

We asked Kearstin if there have been teachers at CPHS along the way that she would like to thank or mention. Her response was, “Oh yes! Mr. Price is great! He shows up to help and you can tell he really cares about his students!” Mr. Price teaches AP Biology. Kearstin also mentioned her AP History teacher Mrs. Kendra Roulet, “You could always tell that she was passionate about the subject. She made the class really enjoyable.” The student section at the football games is also one of Kearstin’s favorite memories of so far of her time at CPHS.
Now there are academic scholarships coming in the mail from universities like Baylor and Tulsa University. The scholarships are in $60,000 and $80,000 range! Kearstin is still waiting to hear back from Harvard. Moving forward, this Sandite is considering a degree in medicine or business.
Kearstin, from all of us at We Are Sand Springs, we are proud of you!!!