Sandites in Service: Sand Springs Police Department

As the nation and media discuss the righteousness of the police as a national unit rather than individuals we should all find heart in the Sand Springs Police Department(SSPD). The SSPD is made up of 33 sworn individuals who have made it their life’s work to serve and protect our community. In recent years the SSPD has been ahead of the curve in both policy and technology. From use of force training that goes beyond the CLEET (Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training) standard to being years ahead on implementing body cameras on all officers.

The success that breeds Sand Springs citizen’s ability to have pride in our police starts with dedicated, innovative leadership within the department. Chief Mike Carter says that “our officers are exceptional. They truly care and contribute to the betterment of policies and the department.” In conversation with Chief Carter the department’s goals became clear. “We want Sand Springs to prosper” Carter recently released the Sand Springs Police Department- Policing Plan  2016 where he outlines in detail just how dedicated the SSPD is to serving Sand Springs.

In the document, SSPD- Policing Plan 2016, Chief Carter discussing a specific training that is new and will, in coming years, be seen as standard for most police departments. The training in known as Fair and Impartial Policing Training. As per the description in the document this training “centers on the concept that all people have some implicit bias. If this is understood, it may be controlled to lessen the chance that it will be a factor in the policing decisions made by an officer.” This training will be required for all SSPD officers moving forward.

Education on all levels of policing and human interaction is the focus in the SSPD. The department will continue training in Verbal Skills, Use of Force, Custody and Control, Firearms, along with standard CLEET. In an effort to educate Sand Springs on the practices of SSPD, Chief Carter has made an effort to get the SSPD- Policing Plan 2016 in the hands of all citizens. We have added the document to our website at

While Sand Springs does not face the many issues seen in the national media dealing with racial bias there are, as described in the SSPD Policing Plan 2016, “unintentionally, economic disparity may play a significant role in unequal consequences of violations of the law by people in Sand Springs”. The Fair and Impartial Policing Training mentioned in the document is one of many steps being taken to better educate and prepare SSPD officers in situations dealing with these bias’.
The SSPD is of course an incredibly dedicated group of individuals, Sandites, serving Sand Springs. Sand Springs is proud of them for their hard work and innovative progress to issues affecting our community.

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