Sand Springs’ Rich Heritage

In Sand Springs, Oklahoma we have a rich heritage of individuals that have lived a life of giving and gratitude. We walk in the footsteps of philanthropic giants in our town!
We have so many Sandites today that daily serve our great community with humble hearts. There is a group of Sand Springs’ youth pastors known as the One Network that are known for their enthusiasm and giving hearts. We had an opportunity to interview four of the members of One Network and hear what they have to say about the work that is being done for the youth in Sand Springs.
Recently we had the chance to sit down with the One Network, a group of local pastors focused on coming together as a community of churches presenting a united front with the students of Sand Springs. One member put it very simply, “the idea is that we are better as a team.”
The One Network hosts two corporate events each year, the Saw You At The Pole event and the Baccalaureate event. Saw You At The Pole is a follow up event to See You at the Pole, a global day of student prayer. For years now the One Network has gathered all the local youth ministries that attended See You At the Pole in their respective schools. With music, giveaways, sermons and much more the youth have looked forward to these events. The Baccalaureate event is an event for the Senior Sandites and their families. The One Network puts together the service to honor the graduates with a speaker and a time of worship.

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Outside the two corporate events there are several events throughout the year dedicated to getting students together and helping the community. They are currently involved with #Selfless, the Backpack Program, Dayspring Villa, Hallow-Clean, Boo on Broadway, Back to School Bash, and many other events throughout the community. But first and foremost, they emphasize, the kids are in the forefront. Hallow-Clean is an event where, “you get 100 kids up, at 8 am, on a Saturday morning, in October, and tell them they are picking up trash in the community.” The One Network continues to see Sandite lives changed in the process of serving the community of Sand Springs.
Another platform that the One Network emphasizes is the collaborative nature of their group being the example for which they hope the students are able to pick up and take as their own. They state that the “this is my church, that is your church,” attitude held today in a majority of the world is toxic and truly not Kingdom driven. The group states, “we hope that they see each other in school and notice, oh they are from Matt’s church but they get along, maybe we can too.”
We had the chance to ask about future plans for the One Network and were able to see them dream together for a moment. Overall their dream is to be available to the community of Sand Springs. Right now the City Manager calls on the One Network for specific needs, but their hope is that they would be one of the first calls when something happens in the Sand Springs Schools. “It’s our kids there anyways, we would love to be the first call if something were to happen.” Additionally they hope to grow their number of churches involved.

If you are reading this and want to know how to get involved, the One Network first and foremost wants to encourage you to get involved in a local church. They state, “don’t buy into the lie that you are connected because of your phone, get involved in a local community of believers. And to the adults, get involved with your kids, make sure you know what is going on in their lives and in their youth groups.” Additionally the One Network is open to donations but most importantly they are in need of adults to help with their time in the events they put on throughout the year.