Sandites Hit the Goal

High school days are said to be the best times that can happen to a person’s life. This is the period where you can enjoy both the fun of being young as well as the excitement of growing up. And one of the best places to enjoy that is in Charles Page High School in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, United States. It is among the best schools which help not just in the development of the academic learning of the students but also in the enhancement of their motor skills.

The Best of Charles Page High School

The mission of schools does not just end in imparting knowledge to the students. The school serves as one of the biggest parts in human’s development. This is why Charles Page High School is such an ideal school for learning. By engaging the learners on different motor skill developing activities, the school is aiming to develop the youth holistically.

An extracurricular activity is the field where all learning is being applied. And with it comes the development of all the learning domains of a person: the cognitive, affective, as well as the psychomotor domains.

As mentioned in the article, the school is very active in extracurricular activities, most particularly in sports. In fact, when it comes to football, Charles Page High School Sandites is a defending champion. And in this year’s season, CPHS has just hit the right goal.

Charles Page High School Football Season 2014

CPHS celebrates their football season always during the fall. And assuredly, Sandites have defended their honor very well. Again they are the reigning champion for the football season in Sand Springs district.

And who wouldn’t get inspired to fight more and win when you have the best Sandite mascot to give you an all winning cheer and support? The school has even got an award for an All-American Mascot a few years back. With the kind of unity and teamwork that CPHS football players display, there is no doubt that theirs is the ball to fight for what they rightly deserve. And in their case it would be the honor of being the best players in football within the district.

The Sandites also have the courage and optimism in their endeavors which seems to will them to win. These are the valuable traits that Sandites will never lose, serving as their edge over their competitors and keeping them on the positive side of their games.

Other Sports Activities for the Sandites

CPHS has a whole set of sport activities not just for the boys’ division but also for the girls’. And winning over is a motto they must have been living with. Volleyball and softball are games that proved to take out the best of the CPHS girls. And cheering for them is the Sandite mascot to boost their confidence and hit that ball to the goal.

Wait for more victories of the Sandites. This is only a taste of their powerful team.