Northwoods Fine Arts Academy students got a chance to hear from the wife of a very famous painter on Thursday in lieu of an upcoming exhibit opening in Sand Springs.
“The Art of George Rodrigue: Shiny Happy Blue Dog” exhibit is coming to the Sand Springs Museum Saturday, November 17th.
All of the kids lit up when Wendy Rodrigue, wife of famous artist George Rodrigue, spoke to them about the art and where George got his inspiration from.

Their hands were raised the whole time as she spoke, eyes twinkling, as Wendy started with the tale of George’s origins in Louisiana, paving the way for his masterpieces.
George got the inspiration for his Blue Dog paintings from the world around him, and from old pictures of his dog. He would snap pictures of his dog at eye level, showing that he and the dog were equal in importance. Wendy said he wanted to use his imagination to create something completely new.
George’s paintings can be seen around the world… most notably in hospitals.
He used bright colors, symbols, and reflective backgrounds to make sick children who saw the paintings feel better.

“When George and I would go to schools, I would tell him, to these students, you are Picasso,” Wendy said.
“He would say ‘oh no Wendy, I’m not Picasso, I’m not in that league.’ And I would say yes you are. They see you working right now, it’s inspiring them.”
Northwoods students couldn’t get enough of Wendy, who’s aurora lit up the room. They were engaged, asked questions, and so excited to get a chance to visit the Museum.
The students will get to see the exhibit early next week, as they ponder how they can take something away from George’s paintings.
At the very end of Wendy’s time, a Northwoods 3rd grade class presented her with their own rendering of a Blue Dog, something to commemorate George and his paintings with.
“Now George Rodrigue has passed away, but he lives on through his art, like Picasso, as a myth, a legend, inspiring others.”
The Museum is celebrate the exhibit’s opening on November 17th from 5-7pm, accompanied with a Gallery Talk and book signing by Wendy Rodrigue.
To see more on the exhibit, visit the Sand Springs Cultural and Historical Museum’s Facebook page.