School Supplies: Sand Springs School Supply List

With summer almost over and with the school year less than a month away, it’s time to start planning and getting all of your back to school supplies ready! Though there are many great perks to buying this early! One of the biggest is the fact that you can make sure that your budget is not stretched to thin for the month of August by having to buy all the school supplies in one trip to the store! Secondly you can go through what you have for last year, so that you aren’t buying two of something that you only need one for! Thirdly you can watch out for great deals that stores will have! With proper planning, you can make sure that not only do the kids have everything, you avoid a mad dash to the store the day before school starts!
One of the biggest problems that parents of high school kids have is that teachers don’t post their supply list till school starts! Though there are things that you can stock up for now, because your kid will use them! Whether it’s pencils, college ruled paper, black ink pens, or 2 inch binders you may want to start stocking up on them now! Your kids will use these things, no matter what classes they are taking most every class needs them! Also if your kids plans on being in any clubs, which is a great idea, make sure to put back a few dollars so that they can pay the club fee! Most clubs are around 15 dollars.
For the littler kids though, each individual teacher has posted a link with all the school supplies that they need for the year! You can either follow the link below to the direct link for the Sand Springs Public School’s school list page or go to and find the school supplies tab!