Sand Springs Recycle Center

Spring Cleaning

The Met Recycling Center is making a difference – both in caring for our Mother Earth, and in caring for people. The Met depots around the Tulsa area are all manned by about 75 adults with disabilities who operate at the depots. The Met’s purpose in this is to give them a sense of purpose and something to look forward to.

The depots take many items that are not able to be taken via curbside pick up, including cardboard, glass, paper, plastic bags, e-waste (computers, etc), car, and household batteries. They have a resource on called “Recycle This Tulsa,” where you can type in what you’re looking to recycle and it will show you all the places in Tulsa you can take your items!

It’s easy-breezy to recycle at The Met depots! They help you unload and sort your items, so all you need to do is load it in your car and get it to the depot and the people there will help unload it. The depots are also not locked after-hours, so if you need to make an after-hours drop off you can, and it will be sorted the next day.

What is recycling’s Impact on Mother Earth?

Recycling makes a huge impact on the planet, and there’s still lots more to be done. The Met’s mission is to keep as much out of landfills as possible, as well as bring awareness to how much waste accumulation individuals have.

Sandites contributed to The Met in Sand Springs collecting 2,286,718 lbs of cardboard in 2021 and 6,768 lbs of plastic grocery-type bags. Fun fact, 90 bags = 1 lb, so Sandites recycled over 600,000 plastic bags last year! The recycled bags are sent to Arkansas to be made into plastic lumber that is used for playground equipment and more! 

Keep it up, Sandites!

How can Sandites learn more?

The Met has put out a printed directory of where to take items to be recycled, including what can be taken to the depots. There are several resources available on their website, including green events happening this spring and beyond, recycling tips, and a copy of their printed directory mentioned above

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