Sand Springs Public Schools Announce Early Release Fridays 

Starting September 7th, Sand Springs Public Schools will start early release Fridays through the rest of the school year at each school site.
Students will be released 30 minutes early every Friday to allow for one hour of teacher collaboration.
Teacher collaboration is intended to help teachers assess what’s working, see what needs improvement, and help teachers collaborate. 
The time is being allotted to help teachers find great ideas to use in the classroom to improve education and create teachers who Think Right, Think Beyond, and Take Action.
Friday, August 24th, and Friday, August 31st, will be full days to get students back in the swing of the new school year before the program starts.
Once early release begins, bus routes will be adjusted. The district encourages parents who pick up their kids to take note of the change.
The school district says they will have a team at every site to monitor those students who ride in cars to see which students aren’t leaving right away, and make adjustments as needed.
Sand Springs Public Schools tried early release Fridays several years ago, but the program was stopped so they could work out logistics. 

Now it’s back, ready for the new 2018-19 school year!
If you still need your school supply lists or want to see some tips to get you ready for the new school year, visit our Back to School page to get more information.
Also, if you’re wanting a free backpack, haircut and other school supply items, don’t forget to go to the Back to School Bash at Tulsa Tech Sand Springs on August 12th.