A Sand Springs disaster relief team set up in the parking lot of The Church That Matters at 3 West 41st Street.  It is an incident command set up by the Southern Baptist Convention to help those affected by the March 25 Sand Springs Tornadoes.  On top of many other resources, a chain saw crew will be available for anyone who needs those services.  There are tons of volunteers from all over Oklahoma here to help!  You may also go volunteer yourself!
If you, or someone you know, can not make it to The Church That Matters and needs to request assistance from this disaster relief team, here are a list of numbers you may call:
Were you wanting to help the most impacted areas but were not able to? You must be a certified Disaster Relief Volunteer to do so.  Be available and prepared for volunteer work next time! Take advantage of the next opportunity to get certified.
          Saturday, April 11
          9001 North 145th East Avenue
          Owasso, OK
Lunch will be provided
$5 per person for new team members
No pre-registration required
Men and Women above the age of 18 are welcome
*Church That Matters will reimburse the fee for all CTMers who participate