SSCS – Here to Help Our Community!

Sand Springs Community Services, SSCS, has been a working organization in the Sand Springs community since 1928 when the agency was started by Lucille Page with the help of local civic clubs and churches. The mission of SSCS has always been to help meet the basic needs of local residents who are faced with financial crises or emergencies.

SSCS provides food, clothing, rent, and utility payments for residents with a Sand Springs address, residents that have water through the City of Sand Springs, or families that have a child enrolled in a Sand Springs school. Our focus grew this year to include a Family Action Plan for both individuals and families that outlines steps they must take to become self-sufficient and to continue receiving assistance from SSCS.

The Family Action Plan includes tools and resources that will empower Clients to succeed. Each Plan concentrates on food security, housing, employment, health insurance, education, skill development, state and federal benefits, budgeting, mental, emotional, and spiritual resources, and any other area that needs to be addressed. SSCS works collectively with a broad network of other organizations, churches, employment agencies, businesses, and others to empower each individual and family we work with.

SSCS is growing both in the number of Clients served and in the services we provide. SSCS has partnered with Sandite StepUp, which is a student operated food pantry at Charles Page High School. We provide tours and Client simulations for local school groups and organizations. SSCS spends quality time building relationships with community partners. SSCS wants to open the lines of communication regarding generational poverty and hunger so solutions can be identified and put into practice. And there is so much more we do!

SSCS will be hosting the Generosity Ball on December 13, 2014, at the Case Community Center. The Generosity Ball is one of SSCS’s biggest fundraising events and will include entertainment, dinner, and a silent auction. You can purchase an entire table or individual tickets to this event. All proceeds benefit SSCS and contributions are tax deductible.

It is evident from the outpouring of support from this community that Sand Springs is full of giving hearts. SSCS would not be able to continue empowering individuals and families if it were not for those in the community that support our efforts through donations and volunteering. Together, we can make a significant, positive difference in the lives of Sand Springs residents faced with financial crises and emergencies. Together – We Are Sand Springs.

If you would like to tour SSCS as a business, individual, organization, school group, church group, or club, please contact Valerie Thomas at 918-245-5183. We would be happy to have you visit SSCS and find out more about what we do!

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