Sand Springs Cancer Pink Out Game: Turn Sand Springs Pink

Friday October 10th at 7:30pm the Sandites will go head to head with the Sapulpa¬†Chieftains, but will be doing so in a Cancer Pink Out fashion. Local chapter “Turn Sand Springs Pink” is organizing a Pink Out night for the football game with overwhelming support from the community. The stands will be filled with a sea of pink shirts supporting all types of cancer, not just breast cancer. The players, coaches, and referees will all be wearing¬†pink tape, wrist bands, mouthpieces, gloves and towels to show their support.
“Turn Sand Springs Pink” as you might recall, recently recruited the town hero Charles Page to support all types of cancer as well. He now dons a pink “Turn Sand Springs Pink” shirt on his statue at the Triangle in downtown Sand Springs. Read More Here
The newly appointed chapter of “Turn Sand Springs Pink” has more plans as well. They hope to get all local businesses to wear pink shirts on Fridays throughout the month of October to show the entire communities support of all cancer types. Multiple local businesses, including We Are Sand Springs are showing their support of the new chapter and helping to raise awareness and money for the different charities that Turn Sand Springs Pink will donate to. All money collected will stay local and not go to research, but rather to help the immediate needs of those who have, and those affected by cancer.
Fact: The latest statistics say that 1 in 3 people will get some type of cancer in their lifetime.
Help us support this noble cause and show your support of Turn Sand Springs Pink and their battle against all types of cancer.
You can purchase your t-shirt from Signs & Stitches today!